May 2017 – Price Transparency of Health Care Costs

May’s Forum focuses on the cost and price transparency of health care in an effort to demystify health care costs and empower the health care consumer. The panelists offer a provider’s perspective on how billing works and prices are set, information on House Bill 123 which requires health care providers and facilities to post the full price of their most common services and procedures, and a review of Anchorage’s municipality ordinance that requires medical providers to give cost estimates for health care services to patients who ask for them.
Panelists included:

  • Ivy Spohnholz, sponsor of HB 123 and chair of the House Health and Social Services Committee
  • Tracy Tucker, CFO Providence Medical Group
  • Bill Falsey, Anchorage Municipality Attorney
  • Lynn Rust Henderson, Premera Vice President Sales and Services

May’s Adobe Connect Audio Recording –Price Transparency Cost